UN-APCICT promotes capacity building in the use of ICT for inclusive, resilient and sustainable development

On 1-4 December, the United Nations Asian and Pacific Training Centre for Information and Communication Technology for Development (UN-APCICT) held the Regional Dialogue on ICTD Capacity Building for Inclusive, Resilient and Sustainable Development and Annual Partners Meeting in Incheon, Republic of Korea.

The event  brought together over 100 participants from 32 countries in Asia and the Pacific, including representatives from government, academia, civil society,  private sector, international organizations and experts in the field of ICT and capacity development. The following presentations of participants:

1. SDGs

2. Technology Trends for Govt Leaders

3. Data Revolution and Open Govt Data

4. Yellomobile Goodoc

5. Strengthening Capacities on e-Government and Public Service Delivery

6. APCICT Needs Assessment Survey  

7. Egovernment and  gender equality    

8. Technical Execution Legislation for National E-Government Development      

9. Recent E-Government activities    

10. Korea’s recent E-Government activities & future plan 

11. ICT competency standard        

12. Enhancing ICT capacity Development through Competency Standards

13. Enhancing ICT capacity Development through Competency Standards (Philippine Experience)    

14. Resilience and Sustainable Development

15. The linkage between Community Resilience and Sustainable Development in Nepal 

16. IAEM Action in Asia

17. Social Media Governance Sustainable Development

18. Social Media Landscape of Sri Lanka

19. Social Media in Bhutan 

20. How Social Media is Shaping Traditional Media?

21. How social media is shaping traditional Media in China

22. How is social shaping broadcasting 

23. Social Media for Resilient Development

24. Analyzing the use of Social Media in Disaster Risk Management

25. Session 8_Don Tartaglione_Reference Document

26.  Mobile Technologies for Disaster Preparedness & Risk Management in Asia 




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